How We Work

Our basic software for circuit board routing is Altium Designer, but if you prefer Eagle it can also be used.

To get started, we need:

  • Electrical schematic (wiring diagram) for your future device in any format: CAD, paper, PDF, etc;
  • PCB outline drawing, or drawing of the enclosure to which the board has to be fitted;
  • Comments of schematics designer indicating his suggestions and special requirements, if there are any;
  • Parts list, including full details for the components used in the project (Bill Of Materials, usually can be obtained from the schematic).

Then we analyse the project, probably ask a few technical and business questions, and discuss the price and terms of work. If agreement is reached, we sign a contract and start working.

As a result, you receive:

  • PCB project files (schematic, PCB layout, libraries);
  • Full package of technical documentation for PCB manufacturing (production files: BOM, gerbers, drilling, drawings, 3D model);
  • Our support in case of any issues at the production stage;
  • One free revision of your layout in case of schematics errors, parts footprints changes or other cosmetic improvements requiring no radical changes in the project routing.

Upon your request we can order your PCB manufactured at a factory of your choice: in Russia, USA, UK or China. Any questions may be discussed, please Contact me.